The scales aren’t changing


The scales aren’t changing

Now let me get this in here first, I’ve also said and thought that in the past more times than I can even count! It’s madness!

Through all these daft weight loss groups, classes, and society in general, we have been pre conditioned into believing the scales going down is the only thing that will determine success.


This is something I am beyond passionate about, mainly because I believed it in the past too. Until I began to open my eyes, my mind, and learn more. I will be honest though, it took me AGES to get there.

Why is weight loss on the scales what people focus on, and believe to be right?
It’s easy.

It’s the most accessible and measurable method of determining a change. That doesn’t necessarily make it correct or a good thing, but of course it is a factor. It’s seriously not always about reducing that number, for lots of reasons. For some people its essential to reduce weight on the scales, but for lots it really isn’t and shouldn’t be. It can become unhealthy to be fixated on that number, trust me, I’ve done it!

“I cant believe I’ve only lost 2 pounds, I might as well not have bothered”


“yess I’ve lost a pound”

Let’s be real.
A pound or two could be a poo. It could be how hydrated you are. It could be what you have eaten that day. It could be inflammation from a workout. It could be LOADS of factors.

So what matters if the scales don’t?
Look at all the other achievements.
Have your body measurements changed?
Do your clothes fit better?
Did someone compliment how good you look?
Have you drank enough water every day?
Did you do a long walk and manage to do it?
Did you sleep better?
Did you increase weights in your sessions?
Did you manage a tough session better than you would have before?

There are always so so many more positives, and achievements than just the number on the scales. Let’s get away from that daft idea that the scales determine success. There are probably multiple achievements that you have, but are missing, or not considering.
Let’s show you how to find them!

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