Personal training

Why would you choose to join us?

We think differently!

If you have a pre conceived idea that personal training means getting shouted at, feeling uncomfortable, and pushing to a point of breaking, then lets squash that now!

Increased vitality, better health, and looking and feeling better doesn’t have to feel as awful as you think it will. How much you sweat or how sore you are doesn’t dictate a good single session. There is a bigger picture, with more to it, and that absolutely doesn’t determine your success! We discover where you are now, and build upon that. We don’t just stand next to you on a machine counting your reps like you might think. Our bespoke fitness studio offers all you need with a simple, and at the same time a full and wholesome approach.

Holos is where you come to feel at ease and at home. We are more than just a gym, we are your personal sanctuary to do ,be and become whatever you wish.

This is your space.

Individual training

Personal coaching

Our bespoke wellness centre offers you the perfect individualised lifestyle discovery to start your health and fitness journey right. Body composition analysis, postural assessment, 7 point movement screen and a personalised holistic exploration of your lifestyle, physical performance and most importantly, your wellbeing goals. Our holistic approach means we consider you as a whole, bringing together all elements to start your journey with us in the best possible way.

Each of the elements within our discovery session concisely merge together, to create your very own personal program. You don’t just do a workout with us, we work right, work smart, and work in the right way for you. We are with you every step of the way towards creating a better you, and we are confident in knowing we offer so much more than you will expect. That is down to our holistic approach, looking at the whole you. 

Individual training

GROUP coaching

This can be a start, a progression, or even an advancement.

Let’s make our group personal training whatever you need and want it to be.

If you have a goal in mind, but still don’t feel ready for 1-1 training (check our personal training section, it’s probably not what you think), or maybe you are used to group exercise but want to advance further, or do you want to enhance what your current regime is-

Then group personal training will be your perfect fit!

It’s not a typical class as you might have done before.

You are coached the same as you would be in a one to one personal training session. We explore position, consider progressions or regressions, and work with you as an individual. You aren’t left to get on with it, you are coached, guided, motivated, corrected and so much more. Let’s learn as we go, and allow you to develop and progress.

The sessions ensure you work through the whole body in the correct way. With a whole body programme, it ensures overall muscle building, and fat loss. That “toning” so many people desire. Of course, this only happens when coupled with correct nutrition. Let’s add that in, and teach you that too!

Lets get started


If you already want to start your journey whatever it may be, lets get you signed up and started today.

*Please note there may be a waiting list for certain classes or coaches