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Our centre is unlike any other gym or wellness facility you will have been to before, and we pride ourselves on this. There is nothing quite like us.

Not only do we pride ourselves on offering services to a high and second to none level, but we believe in creating a comfortable, motivating and friendly environment, where you feel entirely at ease.

Looked after, and confident, surrounded by like minded people of all ages, all backgrounds and all body types.

Our guests all choose to invest and improve not only their own lifestyle, but that of those closes to them too. We encourage creating new friendships, and supporting each other.

“I don’t even know where to start”

That’s why we are here, lets discover this together in our lifestyle discovery which has developed, evolved and improved since 2014 to ensure we can better help you achieve the best outcome.

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If you already want to start your journey whatever it may be, lets get you signed up and started today.

*Please note there may be a waiting list for certain classes or coaches