A bit about me

Lindsay Steele

My famous phrase is – “I wasn’t even supposed to be doing this!” At the same time, every single thing I have done has led me here, but on a really wiggly path.

Let’s go with the short version.

In my younger years, and right through school, I was most comfortable in being creative. After a foundation course in art and design, I went on to do a degree in Fashion Design For Industry, then a second in photography. Lets skip a few years…

I found myself working in a gym as a sales assistant, which brought up working along side sone amazingly influential and knowledgeable people, and gave some of the best opportunities and experiences I could have ever had in front of me. Over time I became qualified to teach classes, gym instructor, personal trainer, and then a team leader.

I always wanted to be and achieve more, and I found my “why” was to help other people along their own wellness and fitness journey. My own journey was a difficult and challenging one, and I had a strong desire to guide others who may feel the same as I did.

I was amongst pure greatness!

Peers who had been in the industry for over 20 years, and some who were just gifted taught me more than I can even recall! I had been around some truly inspirational and influential people. Famous motivational speaker Pete Cohen planted seeds that helped me grow without me even realising.

I did training and coaching with former Britain’s strongest woman Gemma Magnusson, that took me to a new level. I was coached to teach Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman or woman, and how to inspire and be generally awesome!

Skip a few years and I decided to create a concept I thought people needed. A different approach to health, fitness, wellness, and everything it brings along with it. A whole approach considering everything about a person. As the concept grew and evolved, it developed new elements to give it stronger roots. House of Holistics progressed into more, and thus creating Holos.

Every single thing I experienced, and learnt lead to the Holos concept.

“Couldn’t recommend HOLOS anymore! Lovely staff & By far the best massage I’ve ever had and already booked in for another. It’s like a little escape in the city centre”

A bit about me

Jonny Simpson

I’ve been working under the House of Holistics brand since 2018 and I’m really excited for our rebranding as Holos Health.

I’ve worked in various sectors of the fitness industry including marketing, supplements, promotions, fitness modelling and as a writer. As fulfilling as each of these adventures were, none of them have come close to being a health coach. Assisting, educating and supporting people to achieve their own personal goals with lifestyle, exercise and nutrition is the most rewarding job ever. (I often make a joke that it doesn’t even feel like a job, that’s how much I love it!)

So how can I help you?

I’ve been focused on my own health & fitness journey for the past 15 years with my original motivation coming from my desire to combat cystic fibrosis- a serious lifelong genetic condition that damages the respiratory/ digestive system. There is no cure. I’ve always found a way through and I am good at helping others do the same.

Do I possess the ability to understand your goals, wants and needs, then
deliver them?

Overcoming my own challenges turned into a passion and I’m grateful to say I’ve had some good results so far! My passion, determination and zest for life totally outweigh cystic fibrosis and that’s why it has always won out of the two so far.

We all deserve to live a fulfilling life with purpose with a little support along the way. This is why I know I can help you, sometimes we just need a reminder of what we are capable of or a push in the right direction.

The fitness industry is still booming and it’s an exciting time to get involved, our main aim is to help you achieve the results you want and deserve, in the most effective possible ways.

We truly offer so much variety under one roof, cultivated through experiences in working with so many, allowing us to understand that each of our clients lead different lifestyles.

There’s always time to change, There’s always time for YOU.

Lets get started


If you already want to start your journey whatever it may be, lets get you signed up and started today.

*Please note there may be a waiting list for certain classes or coaches