Fat Loss


Fat Loss

How is it achieved?

Here’s a few pointers to get you started, and most importantly, all explained, in simple terms. No faddy diets here, it’s all science! (Well, there’s actually more to it a lot of the time, but let’s give you a simple start first!)

1. Calorie Deficit

Firstly, in order to lose body fat your body should be in a calorie deficit, this basically means you eat less calories than your body burns. There’s lots more to this that will follow in the coming weeks and months. There are LOADS of ways to work out how many calories your body needs, with various methods, formulas, and considerations.

2. Eat enough protein

Now, aside of anything else, this is the macronutrient that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Adequate protein will ensure you retain and build muscle whilst in a calorie deficit. If protein is too low, it’s a sure way to potentially burn muscle away and retain fat. Ideal consumption will vary for everyone based on body weight, and training regime.

3. Drink water!

really do bang on about how important drinking water is, and I still can’t stress it enough, there’s another whole blog on this! I’m a lover of drinking Evian, purely for the mineral content, but if you aren’t currently drinking any water, then anything will be a start! Aim towards 1.5-2 litres per day.

4. Lift those weights

As a woman, you will NOT get massive if you are weight training, especially if your nutrition is right for you. Resistance training will play a huge part in burning body fat, changing the shape and appearance of your figure, and will see you looking smoking hot! An ideal target would be 4-5 times per week.

5. Cardio

Some love it, and some hate it. It’s not as essential as the previous points but it will certainly help. Aside of it being great for the heart and lungs, and keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, it will count towards extra calories burned. Not essential but can certainly support fat loss. Do it for those health gains!

There will be more on all these points over time, so make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on the knowledge bombs! Just science here, educating everyone right!

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